Our traditional Winter Handicap Series started – on Wednesday 08 November 2017.  This is for MEMBERS ONLY but is completely free to join. There will be one race every month throughout the winter until next March.  This is vital winter preparation for running all the Spring races.

The route is an out-and-back route along the old railway line from near Aldi. Please remember to bring hi-viz top and a headtorch as they are essential.

If wishing to join the handicap please can you e-mail Joe Phillips at joephillips02078@gmail.com with your predicted 5K time.


6th March 2019

6th February 2019

9th January 2019

5th December 2018

14th November 2018

7th February 2018

10th January 2018

6th December 2017

8th November 2017