Newport & District Running Club

Newport Running Club


Newport and District Running Club is committed to helping everyone enjoy the fun of running as a group both competitively and socially.

Our club meets every Wednesday and members can choose any of 4 groups we arrange to suit their requirements. Green 4-5 mile distance (11-12.30 min/mile pace), Blue 5-6 mile distance (10-11 min/mile pace), Red 6-7 mile distance (8-9 min/mile pace),  Black 8 mile distance (Off Road All Year 7.30-9 min/mile pace).

We expect people attending a group to be able to run the distance of that group.  This is important for the safety and progress of the group. For those people who are new to running we suggest that you contact the club to express your interest before coming along.

We arrange courses for new runners every now and then so that by the end of the course you will be able to run with our Green Group.  This group will help you improve quite quickly and you then have the choice of any of the other groups.

During the winter months it is essential that you wear high viz (reflective) clothing and a head/chest torch. If you need advice about what is acceptable please contact the club.  Our Run Leaders are under instructions not to have people run with us unless these safety precautions are followed.

The groups provide runs of different lengths and speeds and routes will vary most weeks but each one will usually give an opportunity for improvements by using various techniques.  The Run Leader will also build in loop back points where it is safe to do so.   At these points faster runners will keep moving until everyone is ready to move off again. This ensures that no one is left behind.